August 11, 2012

La Viva Spanish Bar & Tapas, Singapore…It’s an assault on your senses

You hear tapas in Singapore, you expect some earth shattering food.  At least that is what I expect.  I need to tell the real story for the rest of us who have stomachs.  

La Viva is super trendy… tries to attract that crowd as well with the decor. The food however… was horrible. Portions were small considering the price. We paid a small fortune for small amounts. By the end of the dinner, I was positive my $540 could have been better spent elsewhere. Oh yes, we ate some carrot cake and oyster omellette later to fill up.

We ordered both the sangria with sparkling wine which, as one friend put it, like sugar water plus cough mixture. The serrano ham and pear tasted as though they had been defrosted a few minutes earlier and heated in a microwave,  the bread tasted a bit like supermarket bread with a bit of a crust. The iberico ham was out of a can. The essalada de viva salad is not infused with anything resembling flavour. But probably the most disappointing dish of the night was the paella. We ordered 3 different ones. They were greasy and bland.

It’s actually a very tragic thing to order one of your favorite foods, only to find it is terrible and tasteless, and maybe even a bit gross.

This outlet disappoints with significant zeal. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

February 28, 2010

Lei Garden restaurant, Chijmes Singapore…nice food served by dishonest and inattentive staff

The Lei Garden website has this boast: “Every Lei Garden staff is well conversant with the four pitfalls and four virtues in human nature taught daily by Mr. Chan. The four pitfalls that we have to watch out and refrain from are selfishness, stubbornness, laziness and pettiness” All very nice and fine. But perhaps someone should advise Mr Chan to expand it to six virtues and include dishonesty and non-attentiveness.

The assistant captain was very economical with the truth. Instead of a proper explanation or attempting to find a solution, she insisted our group squeeze onto a small table and kept insisting a 5ft-diameter table was same with a 6ft-one. She was walking not around with a dog and a cane, so I knew her eyesight was ok. The hostess eventually came and after admitting that the table was a smaller one, moved us to a larger table.

The waitresses are universally inattentive. You do get refills on the chinese tea, if you ever see your waitress. Our inattentive server  not only failed to refill empty glasses, they did not even notice that we were trying ot order some additional things. Overall, service underwhelming but not completely disappointing.

It’s too bad. Beautiful restaurant, food was yummy, but the staff need an overhaul. That’s the true truth and again, I say it as it is…


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