October 30, 2010

Hotel Kamp, Helsnki…opulence reigns but service does not match product

The best thing about Hotel Kamp is that the rooms and bathroom are very spacious and that it’s situated at a lovely cobbled street in the heart  of the CBD and 5 minutes walk to the harbour and the central station is only slightly further. Right off the main shopping street, Hotel Kamp is literally a two minute walk from a large, beautifully landscaped park that is populated by Finns enjoying the autumn days. This fabulous (and clean) park had dozens of park benches, wide expanses of lawn for relaxing, and numerous outdoor cafes perfect for a quick espresso and some people watching. Don’t miss the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral, which is just around the corner from the hotel.

Opulence reigns – outfitted in plush carpets, draperies, and upholstered furniture reflected vividly in the sparkling chandeliers and spectacular mirrors.

Often a hotel website paints an unrealistic image of the rooms and facilities. There are photographers who can make a puddle look like an Olympic sized swimming pool but there had been no trick photography at Hotel Kamp. The hotel room looked exactly like the one in the pictures on the website and is breath-takingly beautiful. Mind you,the massive king-sized bed was so wide that if I had a partner, my partner would be in a different time zone.

The bathroom – a huge marble room decorated in subtle greys and taupes, this was a bather’s delight. There was a huge tub with a grey marble surround. Behind the tub, the heated towel rack was piled with plush white cotton towels that tempted me to thievery (don’t worry, I didn’t succumb!). Perched jauntily next to the tub was a green rubber ducky, a sweet touch! There was an oversized shower stall with two shower heads. The water pressure was fabulous and the controls had a specific setting for heat, allowing you to set the heat of the water to a precise setting. The marble toped vanity had two large sinks and the entire wall behind the sinks was a large mirror. The toilet was discretely tucked into a nice sized room to the side, separated from the rest of the bathroom with a frosted glass panel and door.

If I sound like I am a big fan of this hotel, I am.  However, for the room rates they charge, they should have got some service touches right:

The pillows were extremely soft. You literally feel that there were no pillows a all,despite the fact that I had piled two of them on top of on another. There was a pillow menu but when I called for harder ones, they brought up the same ones I already had. Housekeeping left me two bottles of body lotion but no shower gel. When I called guest services from my room, nobody answered the phone and I was forced to walk to the lobby to request for my shower gel. Upon check in, they upgraded BeRt to  suite  when both of us had paid for similar room type. The front desk lady offered to send me a bottle of wine when I inquired why I was not offered an upgrade. I told her a wanted white wine but they sent me red wine instead. In fact, they sent me the wine two days later, after I called and reminded them 3 times.

Long story short, the service does not match the product and certainly does not justify the sky high prices. This is the true truth because I say it as it is…

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