December 24, 2016

Leisure Games, London…Great for kids from 12 to 50

Tabletop games are back. I’ve been into tabletop games my whole life, and it’s so exciting to see that there’s a return. Many are turning to these retro pleasures as a respite from the computers, gaming consoles and mobile devices thought to have rendered board games obsolete.

This London store is stuffed with board games, collectable card games, roleplaying games, historical wargames, as well as miniatures, traditional games and dice  . It’s one of a handful of classic hobby stores still around. Specializing in tabletop games, Leisure Games is also a prime spot for enthusiasts to try out at one of their free gaming tables.

Great for kids from 12 to 50—usually of the male persuasion and bored by video games. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



April 16, 2011

The Mindcafe, Singapore…play board games over a drink or meal. We could sit there for hours

What I love about Mindcafe is that at most cafes, you finish your coffee and cake you leave after a few minutes but at Mindcafe you can play board games and stay longer.  It’s such a fun place where you can just hang with your friends for hours playing board games or chat over a drink and cake – a healthy and more social pastime instead of an internet cafe.

Mindcafe is a tiny establishment with comfy couches, lines of tables and multiple shelves stocking hundreds of games to cater to every taste everything from Taboo and Monopoly to obscure titles such as I’m the Boss, Labyrinth and Ubongo.

I went there a few times with my family (and once we brought my son’s friend along), ordered our mandatory drinks and also played a few board games. There were 3 of us sitting in a couple of long sofas.  The wait staff double up as well-informed instructors to explain the rules as many games are hard to understand. And when we couldn’t decide on which game to play first he took the initiative to recommend us a game which is suitable for our group

This is my son’s favourite hang-out in the city! The food is alright, the drinks are great and the staff are always friendly and enthusiastic. I’d give this place a 8 for ambience, except there are some times it’s loud and rowdy (in the excitement of their game) which is annoying. Not too heavy on the wallet, huge selection of board games , we could sit here for hours. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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