June 17, 2017

No Idea Café Gastropub, Bangkok…. pub with something special on the menu

Pubs only used to care about serving up the perfect pint, but now a good number of them are creating gourmet menus that go above and beyond your basic pub grub.

No Idea Café presents modern and inventive takes on traditional European fare. There’s the tasting board – salami, parma ham, cheese, chorizo, caper berries, olives, baguette, roasted garlic aioli which is comforting and satisfying. The twice cooked pork belly – fennel apple slaw, braised red cabbage- worked surprisingly well. Although parts of the meat was a little tough and the dish would have benefited from a little balanced cooking. The atmosphere is casual and the beer flows fast. Naturally, as a gastropub, most of No Idea’s interesting drinks are alcoholic.

This is not a trendy spot. Rather, it’s inviting and unpretentious. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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March 18, 2010

Max und Moritz, Berlin…go there if German sausages is your thing

The Max und Moritz Restaurant owes its name to the subway station “”Mortizplatz””. Serving Berliner and German specialities, this restaurant dates from the early 20th century

They serve the most irresistable German sausages from Westfalia with a sweet-sour green-bean and diced bacon sauce. They are delicious and possibly the cause of national pride. German sausages are famous around the world.  The Germans eat about 67 lbs of meat and sausage products per person per year. They must have developed the crave for sausages here.

Authentic German beer, of course, is the drink of choice. The house beer here is called “Kreuzberger Molle”. They claim it’s natual and unfiltered. The Kreuzberger Molle is the perfect complement to the sausages as it’s lighter body and flavour won’t overpower the delicately seasoned sausages.

Here’s the true truth: to truly sample Germany’s best sausages, go to max und Moritz. You know I always say it as it is….

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