June 24, 2018

Bread in common, Perth…a food lover’s delight

Bread in Common in the quaint town of Fremantle is a restaurant and bakery that feels alive and it’s infectious. Much of that is to do with its relaxed vibe, from talkative servers who do their job with pride and skill. The eye-catching interior has dozens of vintage-style globes streaming from the warehouse ceiling or looping in red electrical cord over suspended beams. Long, wooden communal tables, all with views of the giant open kitchen.

The food is plain delicious. There are two you simply must not miss. The succulent lamb ribs, lime, mint, black garlic, sherry was a flavourful plate with melt in your mouth meat. I can eat 6 without blinking an eye. I brought home memories of the first unforgettable bites of the beef brisket, toast vinegar onions, chives, yogurt. It was such tender goodness.

I challenge you not to fall in love with this big-hearted restaurant Perth is lucky to have. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

bread in common perth1

bread in common perth2

May 10, 2015

Bornga, Singapore…restaurant was not on top form

bornga beef


Like all others korean barbecue restaurant, Bornga has similar ambience when you enter the restaurant. You can smell all meats burnt in charcoal grills. If only eating there wasn’t so knackering. Gosh but there’s a lot of admin with Korean food. Everything has to be dredged or dipped and rolled and dipped again. Fiddle here. Turn there. Flip this

The Dawaeji gohchuujang bbq (spicy pork fire-grilled) was hard and dry.  We also had the Woo samgyup (thinly sliced beef brisket dressed with born-ga’s special sauce). Marbled with connective tissue and fat, it’s damn difficult to cook brisket so that it’s tender yet moist and flavoursome. I swear blind by the superior Yangnyum dwaeji galbi (chewy pork ribs marinated with special house sauce to create an enhanced taste). Once you order other dishes — especially barbecue — you risk being inundated with so many plates you won’t be able to pay the haemul pajeon (pancake made from scallions n a variety of seafood) the attention it deserves

The busy restaurant took its toll on the staff, who weren’t as efficient as some other such restaurant we’ve been. Bornga wasn’t on top form, but it certainly still draws a crowd. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


July 15, 2012

Tsui Wah Restaurant, Hong Kong…Crispy bun heaven


This local eat house (Char Chan Teng) was packed with people…always a good indication. Even by Hong Kong’s standards, this place has a very extensive menu, so diverse that you can almost find anything….from Indian curry to Japanese udon noodles, Russian borscht, Malaysian curry, spaghetti with sliced beef, hot dog, or pork sandwich, etc.

Wading through the pages and pages of impressive sounding dishes, we eventually opted for:

Crispy bun served with sweet condensed milk




The savouriness of the butter and the sweetness of the condensed milk combined is sensational. The bun is toasted to a crispty texture as well, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

The Tsui Wah crispy pork chop bun with french fries was amazingly delicious. The lightly toasted butter bread sandwiching a thick juicy pork chop coupled with a portion of gherkins and lettuce generously slapped with butter and mayo. The mere thought of it makes me drool! SO GOOD! The beef brisket was awesome and highly recommended.

Not all the items were memorable, though. The king prawns in xo sauce with tossed noodles was forgettable and the longan and red dates tea was a blend of sweet and bitterness. Let’s just say…it’s not my cup of tea (no pun intended)

Definitely recommended – if you are lucky enough to get a table!! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


August 13, 2011

Sun Yuen Restaurant, Hong Kong…why restate the obvious? The beef noodle is good.

Let me get one thing out of the way. This “restaurant”is more like a half coffee shop to me, a typical Hong Kong style one at that. This is a semi hole in the wall. Don’t expect service or ambiance, but it doesn’t matter because the food is good. The service is quick and casual and you’re pretty much sitting elbow to elbow with random strangers. Get in and get out… 15 minutes. Savouring is for the weak.

Beef brisket, tendon, tripe and flank steak with your choice of vermicelli, egg noodle, or ho fun (flat rice noodle) in beef broth. The beef was insanely tender — just breathing on it seemed to make it fall apart.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Heck, if I lived in the neighbourhood, I’d enjoy it on a regular basis as well. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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