March 8, 2011

Hilton Sofia hotel, Sofia…they aim to please so much you’d think you are in Disneyland. This is the place to be!

This Hilton have the friendliest, most polite and accomodating staff I have ever seen in a hotel….and I have been around. They seem to have the “spirit of Disney” all the front liners aim to please so much, I thought I was in Disneyland. Everyone has a sincere smile on their faces and the people at front desk and the restaurant were so happy to see us, you’d think we were long lost relatives of theirs. The service here is incredible

Minto, in the restaurant was exceptionally attentive. he was playing and entertaining a toddler at breakfast, making everybody in the family so happy. I’d dropped my napkin while standing up and had picked it up, when he appeared within the next 5 seconds (where from, I wouldn’t know) and gave me a new one. Illiyan, the bellboy was a cut above the rest. During one of our trivial chats, he found out that the airport taxi driver had charged us Euro 20. he took it on this own to call the cab company and traced down the driver and made him return the excessive portion.

The rooms are nice and clean, the gym is small but adequate. However, the pool is more for a dip than a swim. The free shuttle will take you to the airport. It’s not even a scheduled run. It’s better than that. It’s on request basis, meaning they will depart to fit your timing.

Location-wise, the hotel is not directly in the centre, but a half and hour walk away from the Alexander nevski Cathedral. There is a small shopping mall nearby.

Hilton Sofia is easily the best in town. You want a happy stay? Don’t stay anywhere else. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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