March 22, 2010

AleGloria Restaurant, Warsaw…a strawberry field day

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The interior design is lavish and creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere. It’s difficult to interpret the almost exclusively red and white decor. Could it be the Polish national colours? Pleasure and purity? Life and afterlife? At the entrance one’s attention is drawn by a huge tree with red strawberries and the strawberry motif is repeated a number of times, so much so that you’ll quickly notice that strawberries take center stage in the design of this spacious basement restaurant.

Borscht is made with raspberries, beets and balsamic vinegar?  This is definitely Polish culinary “fusion.” It is amazing that the most well-known and traditional soup in the country may be given such subtle touches which have a big impact on the flavour. Meat-eaters will enjoy the half a duck polish style stuffed with apples and red cabbage.

Go ahead and indulge in this amazing combination of Old and New Poland, with taste and style but expect to pay for a belt-loosening feast. That’s the true truth and I say it as it is.

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