June 17, 2017

No Idea Café Gastropub, Bangkok…. pub with something special on the menu

Pubs only used to care about serving up the perfect pint, but now a good number of them are creating gourmet menus that go above and beyond your basic pub grub.

No Idea Café presents modern and inventive takes on traditional European fare. There’s the tasting board – salami, parma ham, cheese, chorizo, caper berries, olives, baguette, roasted garlic aioli which is comforting and satisfying. The twice cooked pork belly – fennel apple slaw, braised red cabbage- worked surprisingly well. Although parts of the meat was a little tough and the dish would have benefited from a little balanced cooking. The atmosphere is casual and the beer flows fast. Naturally, as a gastropub, most of No Idea’s interesting drinks are alcoholic.

This is not a trendy spot. Rather, it’s inviting and unpretentious. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

no idea bkk4

no idea bkk1

no idea bkk2


April 28, 2010

Coffee Bar K, Singapore…if you are looking for an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere.

Coffee Bar K is part of a Japanese franchise. First up, clarifications: despite its name, coffee actually takes a backseat to the alcohol based concoctions – take my word for it, the staff at this attractively low lit bar really know how to mix a drink. They serve whiskies as they should be, the golden liquid poured over hand-shaved round ice in the shape of a giant marble.

The bar has an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere – there’s a distinct lack of blaring music and rowdy drinkers – making it ideal for a romantic rendezvous or the quiet contemplation of quality cocktails.

The downside? Service here is okay only. Waiters could be more friendly. I felt they were more interested in making sure they look good, rather than serving customers. This is the true truth because I say it as it is.

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