November 12, 2010

Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel & Towers Conference Centre…5-star prices for a 2-star product

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The hotel is located just over the pedestrian walkway from the airport which is great if you’re just there for an overnight layover like I was. It connects to the train station for a quick trip into town.

While it is conveniently located to the airport, which is a plus, the quality leaves a lot to be desired. The hotel is on the expensive side for the quality of the rooms and the hallways. I could not get the phone in the room to work and repeated calls for help were not answered. The room was very dated and the towels in the bathroom were probably placed in service 3 eternities ago. (see photo)

Due to its convenient location I can recommend it if you are tired and want to get to the hotel quickly. However, if you have the time a different hotel would be a lot better. This is still the true truth, because I am still saying it as it is…

May 20, 2010

Saudi Arabian Airlines….never again. Ever!

My strong recommendation: avoid this airline like the plague. Saudi Arabian Airlines is to be avoided at all costs. Do not fly on this airline. Otherwise, this may happen to you…

BeRt and I transited in Riyadh from Jeddah on our way to Doha. Our luggages have been checked through to Doha but we had to obtain our RUH-DOH boarding pass while in transit. The staff refused to check us onto the SV542 because we did not have an electronic visa, even though we vehemently pointed out to him that the Qatar Embassy website states that Malaysian and American passport holders will have VOA (Visa on Arrival) in Doha. He then proceeded to offload one luggage while the other luggage was flown to Doha….without the passenger! We had to purchase two extremely expensive tickets to fly out of Riyadh to Dubai (on SV554) on the spot. Surprise, surprise…it was cash only sale…no credit cards accepted.We had to sprint like an Olympic gold medallist to the ATM downstairs to withdraw the SAR2,300 to pay for the tickets. It took a lot of phone calls, persuasion, cajoling, begging to get those airport staff with a major indifferent attitude to get the luggage out of Doha and re-routed to Dubai. The luggage finally arrived in Dubai 30 hours later…and in a trashed up condition as well. (Why are we not surprised anymore at this stage?)

Oh yes, that same airport staff who denied us to board the plane subsequently told us to try to fly on Qatar Airways to Doha. If he was sure that we couldn’t gain entry into the country because we did not have an electronic visa, how could we get in if we’d flown a different airline? The bloke obviously realised by then that he’d made a mistake. A few other colleagues of mine got into Doha on VOA the next day without any problems. We are of the same nationalities.

Cabin crew are rated poor for appearance, atrocious for service, poor for comprehension, equally poor for assistance during flight. The service isn’t the best in the business, but it might qualify as the worst.

Had the worst travelling experience by Saudi Arabian Airline. My review may be harsh and somewhat silly to some, but here are the ratings I will give you:

On a scale of 1-10

Value for Money : 3
Service: 2 (if you don’t mind getting burned from a flight attendant pouring tea on you then go ahead and risk it)
Seats: 4 (the plane SV1026 from Jeddah to Riyadh must be at least 30 years old)
Ground: 0 (The staff basically do not care)
Ticketing: 1 (You can’t even purchase a ticket and make payment online)

Do not consider Saudi Arabian Airlines for any travels unless you are prepared to tolerate the service, the airport and more so – if you must transit via the Kingdom. This is the absolute true truth and I am saying it as it is.

March 27, 2010

Malev Hungarian Airline…pleasantly surprisingly delightful

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It was only a 1hr 5min flight from Warsaw to Budapest, but what a pleasantly surprisingly delightful 65 minutes that was! It certainly didn’t start that way.

We had to board through buses and the flight was (forgiveably) slightly late. You know what they say about 1st impressions?!

Service onboard was polite, professional and flawless. We got a (tasty) muffin, a juice and a cup of coffee and efficient service. The cabin crew even smiled!

It was comfortable in cattle-class. The plane was clean, comfortable seats with plenty of space – legroom was generous and seat widths were OK. Budapest airport clean and not congested. All in all, it was a good expereince and I’d have to conclude that Malev offers good value for money. That’s the true truth and I still say it as it is.

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