April 24, 2010

Rogue tutors in Singapore to avoid.

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Some tutors are liars in disguise while some are money grabbers.

First up on the list is Ms Wee (Hp: 9696 3823). She claims she is an ex-MOE teacher and an English language specialist. Her passion is in earning cash and not teaching. She is a scroundel who takes up tuition assignments for the sake of making some fast cash. As a result, she is not serious in her work and students suffer due to her irresponsibility.

A similar deceitful individual is Ms Heng (HP: 8488 2228).  She claims she is a current MOE teacher who also acts as an agent. She falsifies and lies on the subject strengths of the tutors she assigns and recommends (She assigned us a so-called Maths specialist), caring about nothing else but the money gained. Thus, we ended up with a tutor who is not competent to teach a certain level (he has to refer to the notebook for every question he explained to the student. he eventually admitted that Maths is not his strong subject) and confuses the student instead.

We have been victims of deception. Be wise. Avoid these characters like the plague. Learn from our mistake…not from your own. I tell the true truth and always say it as it is.

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