April 12, 2015

Copper Chimney, Mumbai…drool-worthy baby leg of lamb (raan)

Copper Chimney is one of those safe, tried and tested places where you can never go wrong with its reliable and tasty Mughlai-inspired fare. Here you will find some of the most delicious bad-for-you North Indian food in the city with perfect harmony between distinctive flavors, sophisticated textures and artful presentation.

Everything I ordered was so mouthwatering good! The fabulous tawa jhinga (chilli prawns tossed with onions and capsicum in a tangy tomato masala) is a spicy smooth sensation. The delicious flavours mixed into this unique gravy taste certainly floats my boat. When it comes to North Indian food, the meat tends to be the thing. A veritable mountain of cinnamon-fragrant, soft meat sliding off the bone, raan (tender baby leg of lamb marinated in exotic herbs and slow cooked in the tandoor) is one of the planet’s higher forms of life on the food chain. The raan here was so tender (but not mushy) and succulent that you are able to eat it with a spoon. It melts in my mouth – exploding with flavour. Instead of the usual mango lassi, get them to make you one of their rich, creamy and delicious mango vanilla ice cream smoothie. Together with fresh, hot, crispy, yet chewy, garlicky, thin garlic naan, I was in 7th heaven.

The service staff were friendly, attentive and offered menu recommendations and yet not overwhelming. The service is top notch.

I have not felt so jazzed by a restaurant in quite some time! Don’t you love when you leave a new restaurant for the first time and keep blissfully sighing, “Oh my god. OH. MY. GOD.”? I did that as I left Copper Chimney. This is true truth as I say it as it is…

copper chimney mimbai

copper chimney4 mumbai

copper chimney5 mumbai


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