March 1, 2015

Goubuli, Tianjin….not the best dumplings I have tried

Goubuli Baozi (also known as Go Believe) was a hit during the Empress Dowager Cixi era in the Qing Dynasty.  Certainly a good sign when you walk in, a majority of the people eating here are locals. Maybe the buns were exceptional back then but it’s not the best dumplings I have tried although it will satisfy my dumpling craving.

The famous and soft baozi – traditional steamed bun with pork stuffing- which looks like a chrysanthemum (each Goubuli bun has eighteen wrinkles) in bud had good texture and were quite flavourful. The other dishes such as steamed bun with shrimp and fragrant-flowered garlic and braised pork seasoned with soy sauce were a bit flavourful but otherwise average.

The food were a decent portion and I was certainly not hungry afterward. But the truth is, these dumplings were really nothing special. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

goubuli tianjin


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