February 6, 2015

Hock Heng Pandan Beef Ball, Johor Bahru…Goodness gracious, great balls y’all!

As someone who loves meatballs but is also super-picky about meatballs, I was either going to love to or hate this place. The original Hock Heng opened in Kampung Pandan more than sixty years ago by the founder, hence the famous name, Pandan beef ball noodles. When I was a young lad, my grandpa would occasionally drive me there for a bowl of noodle. This Hock Heng place still maintains its mojo — but it’s just missing a bit of extra oomph.

Having had gazillions beef balls since my childhood sojourns to Kampung Pandan, I was, therefore, expecting some kind of badass beef noodle — after all, good first impressions stick with you for life. This branch at Taman Sri Tebrau was quiet mostly deserted. The signature beef balls are pretty good – meaty, firm, springy (I’d swear they could bounce on the floor if I’d dropped them) and crunchy – not too over-the-top.

Though not the lip-smacking great, I am happy to report that this is Johor Bahru’s best! Keep on ballin’ Hock Heng! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

JB Beef ball


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