January 3, 2015

Statue of Liberty, New York City…it is imperative you plan ahead

Who has never seen the Statue of Liberty on television or in photographs?  Nothing is better than viewing the grand lady than in person!! If you do want to take the tour—and I recommend it—it’s extremely important to order timed tickets in advance online. If you want to visit the crown inside the statue, be sure to get your tix very early as they are limited and sell out fast!!! 354 steps to get to the top, and the bit up the pedestal is fine, but the narrow, spiral staircase to the crown is a lot tougher. Views from the top aren’t really any better than from the top of the pedestal, but it’s one of these things it’s nice to say you’ve done.

There is tight “airport style” security to go through prior to proceeding to the ferry that transports you to the Island. The ferry ride is relatively quick and painless. I highly recommend getting one of their audioguides when you get off of the ferry at the Statue of Liberty because you can learn so much about the history as you walk around the island. There is a museum to wander round to pass the time, though it’s not that big.

Go at least once in your lifetime. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

liberty ny


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