December 31, 2014

Restoran Lee, Melaka…Obscenely Expensive

If you are feeling indulgent and just want to splurge (and sometimes, you’re on an unlimited expense account) or just want to dream about the places you’d eat if you won the lottery, Restoran Lee aka “Fei Li”(Fat Lee) is a great place to start. When budget is of no concern — and tolerance for rudeness and low ethics is high — then, only then, consider going to Restoran Lee. Let’s set the scene…

…….First turn off was that they told us the wait time for our food is an hour. But what they didn’t tell us was that they were still waiting for delivery of their crab supply for the night. The 4 customers on the table next to mine left at 7.30pm without having their crab after sitting there since 5.30pm…..

….Second turn off is the mediocre food. The rest of the food was “meh.”  The claypot tofu, lettuce, drunken prawns and sweet sour pork were nothing special really……

…..Third turn off was the unethical standards. You think that if they ran out of thick noodles for hokkien mee, they’ll inform you. HELL NO! They cook the hokkien mee with thin noodles (ee-mee) and expect you to eat it…..

…..Fourth turn off was the crabby/cranky wait staff and lady boss.  Seriously, did you realize you are in the service industry? After waiting for 1.5 hours, they served us black pepper crab and when told we ordered Carnation Crab (aka Milk crab), we waited for another 20 minutes and were served salted egg crab, which we rejected. The Carnation crab – when it finally landed – is not bad BUT not worth the RM250 price tag……

This place sucks… It REALLY sucks… I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY sucks. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

IMG_0037 (1)

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