September 11, 2014

Jardin de Jade, Shanghai…Hits and misses but overall they are 100% on the good list

This place is grandly decorated with supreme stylish high ceilings, translucent unadorned glass and marble floors. Non-Chinese motif is used to complement the modern city life style of Shanghai.

The Shanghainese cuisine here is a compilation of influences from old gastronomic capitals such as Yangzhou and Suzhou, with a few western touches. Specialities include the scrumptious black barbecued pork from Suzhou. The BBQ pork itself was succulent  and so soft, you don’t need any effort to bite right through it and the (char siew) taste was deliciously thick and amazingly rich. The river shrimp (sauteed, dried braised with chili sauce) was also done just right with great seasoning. Tasting a tad like chili crab flavour with a hint of vinaigrette, it was flavourful, crunchy and absolutely delectable. Those two dishes got me started with a bang but the House special marinated beef ribs was from the minor league. It was dry, not at al tender nor flavourful.

In my book, they are 100% on the good list! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

jardin de jade SHA

jardin de jade SHA (2)


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