April 20, 2014

Auntie Sweet, Hong Kong…sweet indulgence

I generally have a hard time discerning a good Hong Kong dessert place versus a bad one, despite how many I have been too. If I had to venture a guess, it should be like any other dessert place, satisfy your sweet tooth without putting you into a diabetic coma. To keep it sweet and simple, no pun intended, Auntie Sweet was refreshing, seemingly fresh, slightly undersweetened, but overall solid dessert spot. My only call out is that they have far too many options leaving me to wonder how is this even possible?

Mango duet sago soup is, as its name suggests, an explosion of delicious mango. For those who have not heard of sago before, it is an edible starch that is obtained from tropical palm stems. The durian pancake is an eggy crepe enveloping a thick layer of durian pulp and fresh cream. It tastes exactly as it looks – delicious and enticing – ever so light and not overly sweet, just right. The strawberry yogurt sago soup is light, refreshing and it’s super yummilious. The almond tea with egg white was a different and savoring taste….kind of like flan.

We didn’t eat anything mind-blowing, yet we appreciated the diverse offerings at Auntie Sweet. Perhaps there are hidden gems on the menu we missed. This place is small and very social. Perfect for drunkie munchies or just pure craving, like myself. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…..

Auntie sweet



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