January 18, 2014

Club Feather Boa, Hong Kong…two thumbs up for the chocolate martini with maltesers

Small, funky, intimate venues are my favourite. They invite the patron to truly be part of the experience. Club Feather Boa is one such magical space.

A hidden gem in the heart of SOHO – this place is something you have to know about. For the first time visitor, don’t blink, or you’ll miss this little club, tucked at the end of Staunton Street and because there’s no sign out front , it can easily be missed. As soon as you walk in the door – you can feel the warmth and vaudeville vibe of the candle-lit place envelope you. There are a handful of antique chairs – which are plush, somehow strikes the perfect mix of classy and hole in the wall.

The cocktail master’s delicious  martinis complete with floating maltesers truly show the power that chocolate has as a stunning garnish. And as much as I enjoy drinking (clearly), cocktails can be as much about the ritual, the flavour, and the friends you’re with as they are about getting sloshed

An ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL room!  SO much character & charm. This place is totally what Hong Kong is all about. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

chocolate martini - feather boa

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