March 23, 2013

Hamburger Hamlet, Washington DC…food ranges from poor to so-so.

The food ranges from poor to so-so. Seafood chowder soup bowl is humonguous….but soup was not hot, just lukewarm. It was utterly disappointing. The root beer was flat. Just ew. Maryland Crabcake burger was dry like it had been sitting in a warmer for a couple of hours. There was no sauce that came with it. The only positive recollection was that the garlic fries werevery aromatic.

There were no cutleries. Server was in TOO BIG A HURRY to focus on us as a customer & always quickly departing. Only when we had the attention of a different server and gave feedback about our lukewarm soup, did we get an apology. to her credit, she took service recovery measures and waived the soup from the bill.

In the meantime there are too many good choices to waste your time at Hamburger Hamlet. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

seafood chowder hamlet



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