April 22, 2012

Wild Honey, Singapore…You’d die of old age before the food leaves the kitchen

Sat down and ordered at 9.30am and 45 minutes later, nothing’s arrived…not even my orange juice. For two people in a breakfast meeting, moving off to our next appointments, that was totally unacceptable!

Between the not-so-competent hostess and completely unorganized/inexperienced servers behind the bar, I would say that they could probably stand to improve a bit in the service realm. Food-wise, theirs is a refreshing approach of offering all day dining breakfasts from different countries. You can choose Swiss, Japanese, Tunisian, Scandinavian etc depending on your mood and cravings. My Tunisian which was served in a small pan was flavourful, though I didn’t care too much for the spice so early in the morning. The prices for food a bit high, but about what one would expect for ambience. The decor is beautiful, a bit rustic but still fancy.

To their credit, when I expressed my dismay about the delay to Tristan, the supervisor, she listened and apologised. The surprise of the day came, when I was told the bill was waived. That was a pretty good service recovery move. It was a big deal. Odds were I wouldn’t go back to Wild Honey after that service lapse. Tristan acknowledged their error, fixed it immediately and said sorry. Now she has given me a reason to keep going back, even if they’ve erred. She cared and tried hard. As far as customer service goes, Tristan knew how to be forgiven her trespasses. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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