February 19, 2011

Dans Le Noir, Barcelona…dining in complete darkness – a very bizarre dinner exprience

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You have dinner here in complete darkness. The concept is simple: we are served a three-course  meal with guidance from visually impaired servers. It is so dark, you can’t even see the fingers on your own hand. You can’t see what you are eating. They don’t tell you what you’re eating until after the meal.

Unlike entering a cinema, when your pupils and eyes get used to it after a while and adjusts, here you REALLY can’t see anything. Nothing. I found myself opening and peeling my eyes as wide as possible but the human eye does not adjust to this kind of intense darkness. Then I began to cock my head to the side and tried harder to listen and use my other senses. This restaurant gave me a glimpse into the experience of the blind people. The eating process was rather primitive. I used my hands to try to locate my food and it was tedious to get it into my mouth.

You sit very close to the other diners but you can only hear them but not see them.The food is dissapointing for the price they charge. I’m no seasoned wine drinker but can tell a good wine from a bad one and this was not good. But then again, now I fully understand how a dining experience in a restaurant is made good or bad by the setting/ decor, environment and food presentation. Being stripped of sight certainly dampened the enjoyment of eating.

Mixed feelings about this place. None the less as long as you bear in mind you are not expecting Michelin starred food, it’s worth to go there at least once for that unique experience. I will never take my eyesight for granted anymore. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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