April 16, 2010

Shanghai Xinjishi Restaurant…

I used to be so biased, didn’t enjoy my first trip to Shanghai. After this trip, I could really spend more time in Shanghai. The food! The people! The food…

I went to Xinjishi (the XinTiandi outlet) which has several locations in Shanghai. This splendid restaurant is a part of a notable Shanghainese restaurant-chain with outlets in China, Japan and Taiwan. The food is superb and the menu features an extensive selection of Shanghainese classics.

The Grandmother’s Pork is a must have, it is slowly cooked, very tender, super tasty, and truly a taste of Shanghai. A gastronomic feast served in old-fashioned pots. I’ve been having this traditional Shanghai dish hongshao rou (soy-sauced meat), over the past couple of days in Shanghai and was loving it, but, it tasted significantly better in Xinjishi. With its perfect balance of flavors and textures, and sweet melt-in-your-mouth pork fat, eating fatty meat has never been so pleasurable.

The service wasn’t too good, the servers had an “I-am-not-too-bothered” attitude. However, that’s not enough to stop me from longing to return to this restaurant again. That’s the true truth. I’m still saying it as it is…

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