March 24, 2010

Patrick’s Irish Pub, Warsaw…the only Irish pub with NO Irish food

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I was looking for an Irish pub to watch the Manchester United vs Fulham game. The first Irish pub I went to said they were not planning to show the game, so I landed up in Patrick’s. It was a Sunday afternoon 2.30pm and there were agroup of less than 10 people in there watching the 1st Formula One race of the season. They switched channels to football after Alonso had won the race. The group of people left and I watched football in a Ghost town.

Other than the waitress serving us, the other staff have faces like monks in pain and it’s no wonder considering the atmosphere they work in. No Irish food on the menu here. “How can you be an Irish pub if you don’t serve Irish food,” I quizzed. “We serve Guiness” was the answer.

I’ve had had my share of pub going (Irish pubs included). If you like Irish culture and tradition, DO NOT GO, never, ever, go to this so-called “irish pub”. The fact that the tricolor flying inside is actually an Italian flag sums up the Irishness of this place. The only thing Irish about Patrick’s is the number of Poles working behind the bar. This sounds awful, but it IS the true truth because I only say it as it is


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  1. That’s not true…Patrick’s is an awesome environment, who the hell goes to Warsaw looking for Irish culture? I mean, why would you? Every bar in Poland sells Guiness; the name “Patrick’s” does not necessarily mean Irish….I’ve been there multiple times, the staff and guests are awesome!!! Poland is about drinking and having a great time with friends, not watching soccer in a bar alone. It’s no wonder you didn’t have a good experience.

    Comment by Anonymous — June 26, 2011 @ 8:18 am

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